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Our Approach

At No Limits Mindset, we believe that a positive mindset is essential for personal growth, overall well-being, and success in many aspects of life. Our approach focuses on positive thoughts, optimism, hope, and constructive thinking even in challenging situations. Our team of mindset strategy consultants is dedicated to providing personalized guidance and support to help our clients develop a strong and resilient mindset.


Our Consultants

Dr. Jim has over 25 years of experience in the mental side of golf, counseling, recruiting, academic assistance, golf coaching, and working as a professional caddie.  He was a soccer player at Saint Vincent College as an undergraduate. He is currently the Chairperson for the WPIAL Golf Committee and has been a committee member since 2004. His doctoral research included the power of human relationships and support in building relationships with students. He is focused on giving students an understanding of how they think, and using the power of a focused and positive mindset to the player’s advantage. Dr. Jim is passionate about mindset training, brain science, goal-setting, human development, and personal growth.


Bachelor of Science in Psychology,

St. Vincent College

Master of Education in Counselor Education,

California University of Pennsylvania

Doctor of Education in Interdisciplinary Leadership,

Creighton University


Lynn Blake Instructor

K-12 Principal

School Counselor

Dr. Melinda has over 20 years of experience as a personal coach and trainer for adults and youth athletes. She was a soccer player at California University of Pennsylvania. She is an expert at project based learning and uses this expertise to develop programs and platforms for the individual needs of adult learners. Using a multi-modal approach to mindset training focused on brain neuroplasticity, she will focus on making real world connections to learning and will tailor this to the individual. Dr. Melinda is passionate about personal coaching, brain science, and human development.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration,

California University of Pennsylvania

Master of Science in Multimedia Technology,

California University of Pennsylvania

Doctor of Education in Higher Education & Technology,

Argosy University


Business, Computer & Information Technology K-12 Teacher

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